Week 8

On Ana’s blogI commented, “Hello Sarah,
Your post was very informative, filled with amazing facts. I never new camels could live for that long. They are very fascinating creatures.”

On Tiffany’s blog I commented, “Hello Sarah,
Your post was very informative, filled with amazing facts. I never new camels could live for that long. They are very fascinating creatures.

On Sarah’s blog I commented, “Hello Sarah,
Your post was very informative, filled with amazing facts. I never new camels could live for that long. They are very fascinating creatures.”


Week 7

The Beauty that we call Nature

Nature is the most beautiful thing on earth. It is something that I can gaze at for hours upon hours. The fact that is looks as it does without being tampered with is amazing. Whether it is the monstrous trees in Yosemite valley to volcano erupting on Hawaii island nature is always a sight to see.

One aspect of nature that always has me pondering is space and the stars. there are so many questions that pop into my mind when I think of the topic. On is how g is space? This question is one that no one knows and most likely won’t be answered for a long time. Another is how did the earth form. What I learned from this question is that scientists believe the earth was formed some 13.7 billion years ago form the big bang theory. No not the t.v. show, the scientific big bang theory. After the big bang our universe was formed. To learn more about his topic go to http://big-bang-theory.com

Another part of nature that I love to think about are trees. After recently going up to Yosemite National Park, trees have been very interesting.  The huge towering beasts called Sequoia’s are very marvelous. Apparently visitors from all over the world travel to Sequoia National Park in California to witness these trees. An interesting fact about Sequoia’s is that that can live up to 3,000 years. That is a very long lifespan and probably the oldest living organisms alive. These stunning trees that reach up to 300 feet tall are quite fascinating. All in all nature is my favorite thing to experience. To learn more about Sequoia’s visit http://www.visitsequoia.com/redwoods-and-sequoias.aspx

The space picture is from momentumbooks



The Sequoia picture is from blogfrakiefoto

Week 6

For this activity I commented on 10 different blogs not from our school. Here are some of the blogs I commented on.

http://bloggingwithcatie.edublogs.org/2015/11/17/nature-talk-week-7-student-blogging-challenge/#respond  Hi Catie, your poem was very good. It was wonderfully written and sounds great. Do you enjoy being out in nature or more in a city-enviroment?

http://bradleyc1123.edublogs.org/2015/11/09/what-happens-now/#comment-37  That is a great question Bradley. Sometimes I worry and end up asking people tons of questions. When something happens I try to be calm so I don’t bombard people with questions.

http://6rachelds.edublogs.org/2015/11/08/fascinating-foreign-food/#comment-26 Hi Rachel. I totally agree about how Hamburgers are very popular. I love hamburgers especially from a restaurant near me call In-n-out Burger. Is there a favorite restaurant where you get hamburgers.

http://veronicasschoolblog.edublogs.org  Hi Veronica. Science is very interesting and so is physics. Do you like science too.

http://2290annie2015.edublogs.org  Hi Annie, these look delicious. I would love to eat one sometime.

http://alexasschoolblog.edublogs.org/2015/09/14/robot-hotel-in-japan/#comments    Hello Alexa. This hotel looks very interesting and fun. If you had a choice would you stay at this hotel.

https://sarahgjhs15.edublogs.org/2015/11/02/french-fries-are-popular/#comments   Hello Sarah. I agree with you that french fries are very good. They are a perfect example of American food. I wonder why they call them French fries.

http://6jacquelineg.edublogs.org   Hi Jacqueline. Pizza is a great food and my favorite is Hawaiian pizza. Do you like thin or thick crust?

http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/11/08/week-6-go-visiting/    Hi Hunter, Slim Jims are very good. I also like beef jerky. They are 2 of my favorite gas station snacks.

http://katekw06.edublogs.org     Hi Kate,
That was an amazing poem about Halloween. It is one of my favorite times of they year. There is so much excitement building up to the night which it makes that much better.

Week 3- Activity 3


I interviewed my dad about my grandpa.

My grandpa was born in Indianapolis, but grew up in Israel. He lived there until he was about 10 then moved to Los Angeles, where he still lives today. After he had finished high school he had nothing else to do so he joined the Navy. When my dad asked him why he chose the navy instead of the army he simply said,” In the navy you get to sleep on nice beds.” He was preparing for the invasion of the Japan just before Japan had surrendered and he went home. He then went to Mexico with some friends and eventually decided to go to college in Mexico City. After he had finished college he went on to work for the Department of Defense for the government. He started out as a no good janitor and worked his way up to become the 3rd highest ranking. When he had my dad he was currently working there, but when as my dad got older it became hard for him because of all of the traveling.

This photo is property of the U.S. Navy

Week 3- Activity 6



My native language is English and I love sports. If I am bored I can play any sports and have a great time. The only sports I play for a league is baseball. Baseball has always been a part of me ever since I went to Dodger games as a 5 year old. I have played baseball for more that half my life and want to continue to play it. I can enjoy almost every other sport too. Basketball and football are two sports that come to mind when I think of having fun. Basketball is very exciting and thrilling when you make a 3-pointer and is great to play with my friends. I also love football and am a little better at it than I am at football. All in all sports are a way of life that I love to participate in.

This picture is from clip art panda.

Week 4- Activity 2


One Halloween 3 boys were walking home when they were stopped by the local bullies. They grabbed their candy and blocked them from going home. “Where you going,” one bully said, “The graveyard is that way.” There was an old tale of a young boy who went through the graveyard on Halloween night. He had lost his way and wondered into the graveyard. The tale says that boy never returned. The 3 kids begged the bullies to let them through but the they refused. As the kids took their first steps into the their doom, they kept reminding themselves the tale was not true. They trudged and trudged all the way through until they got to the other side. They had nearly made it when one of them exclaimed their victory. He announces  “We’ve made iiiiiiaaaaahhh.” The boy’s shriek traveled through the neighborhood and the mystery continues to how they died.

Week 4- Activity 3

Every Halloween is a blast for me. Weeks before I am already picking out my costume. I always try to make my costume unique and different. In recent years I have gone as a Twix bar, a Root beer bottle, and a Zombie football player. I go out with my group of friends and we try to leave around six to get as much candy as we can get. After about 2 hours of trick-or-treating and fun, we head back to someone’s house to hang out. We watch a horror movie and eat our dinner of pizza and soda. Once I’m getting tired, I head back home to get some good sleep. Of course before I  go to sleep, I always stuff my face with as much candy as I can and hope my stomach can handle it.

Week 4- Activty 4

my new popplet


I chose Popplet as one of my creative tools. I chose this because it can make graphic organizers and presentations. Another use for this is to make timelines. the great thing about Popplet is it makes everything more interesting and creative. I incorporated my Popplet with Halloween. By putting the Pumpkin in the middle it is creating a graphic organizer. On the outside I would put my thoughts and ideas to complete it.